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The world is not chaotic. There is reason and order in everything; in every happening, in every pattern, from the atom to the cosmos. We are controlled by the intelligence inherent in all life forms, by the energy and matter emanating from the stars, and by the directive power of right action and love. All substance is stardust. All change is energy driven. Sensing universal harmony and oneness is knowing the aesthetic beauty of life.

We perceive light through the “windows to our souls”...our eyes. Photographers capture this light in an “image” for a purpose—be it to record history, to tell a story or to evoke an emotion.

A photograph is a two-dimensional, still representation of a three dimensional, changing, (through time and motion) reality. The intent of my photography is to capture moments that grab attention and evoke emotion; to bring forth thoughts, opinions and beliefs from the platform of my images; to connect us intellectually and emotionally; and to discover a truth together. Beliefs shape what we see and feel. Do you see and feel what I see...or something else?

Our perspective on life frames how we see and respond to every object or happening. This enhances rather than detracts from the power of image making. My camera is the tool by which I communicate my response to you.

My images attempt to capture the moods,the feel, and the inner nature of the places and people I photograph. I try to make my camera my handshake with a person, a scene, or an animal. Hello! How nice to share this moment with you. Your presence gives meaning to my own existence. Thank you. I will remember you through this photo.